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Sample Workshop

Watch the video below and check out one of the units from our ages 8-11 program! Remember all of our videos come with worksheets and links to other videos for further study!


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"So well done! We absolutely love History Plus. Daniel has an incredibly talented team. I could not be more impressed with their work!"

Anne E.
Calgary, AB

"I have a 7 year old and a 13 year old who absolutely love these classes! The teacher makes learning SOOO much fun! Thank you Daniel for being so amazing for these children/teens."

Catherine Z.
Cochrane, AB

"My 10 year old daughter loves, loves, LOVES History Plus! She literally counts down the days 'til the next class. She leaves class excited and telling all of what she's learned. This is by far her favorite learning class!"

Linda M.
Red Deer, AB

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Each month brings a new topic to explore, with 20 individual video lessons every month! Additional links to explore and optional quiz sheets make this the ultimate tool for learning and retention. Never worry about a lesson plan again!


With well over a decade of experience as an entertainer and educator, our hosts, Daniel and Jonathan Allers, keep the good times rolling. Learning shouldn’t be a chore; it should excite and capture the imagination!

New Each Month!

With topics ranging from geography, to history, to science and geopolitics, every month has the ability to spark a new passion and facilitate learning in ways that might never be explored through traditional schooling.

Two Age Groups

Different ages require different learning styles, so we offer two different programs running simultaneously. One geared for children ages 8-11 is full of fun and fundamentals, and one aimed at ages 12-18 which dives deeper into a broad array of topics.

Looking for Live Workshops?

History Plus also provides live, hands-on learning opportunities throughout the province of Alberta! If you are looking to join us live for one of our feature events, check out this link!

Live Workshops

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