Upcoming Topics!

Sometimes, planning months in advance pays off.

(Actually, that's usually the case...)

This page contains a list of upcoming topics over the next 6 months or so, and will give you a preview of all the exciting content coming soon!


And remember, every year we cycle topics, from history, to geography, to science, so stay tuned to this page for a sneak peek of the coming year!


Ages 8-11


New Program Starts! (History Plus... Geography! - Fall 2022) 

September - Oceans

October - Continents

November - Asia

December - Africa

January - Europe

February - Antarctica

March - North America

April - South America

May - Oceania

June - Canada

July- Summer Exploration (Part 1)

August - Summer Exploration (Part 2)

New Program Starts! (History Plus... Science! - Fall 2023) 

Ages 12+


New Program Starts! (History Plus - Fall 2022)

September - Old West

October - Ancient Egypt

November - Ancient Greece

December - Ancient Rome

January - Middle Ages

February - Renaissance

March - Age of Exploration

April - Age of Colonization

May - Industrial Revolution

June - Early 1900s

July - World War I

August - World War II

New Program Starts! (History Plus... Science! - Fall 2023)