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Daniel Allers is amazing. My kids have been taking his classes for years and we absolutely love it. We just tried the new online format and it does not disappoint. Still excellent quality programming, if not quite as fun as the in person class. Definitely 5 stars! I will recommend this online program to everyone, even those not homeschooling.

Trisha Kurbis


My two sons have been taking part in this program for 3 years. They adore and respect Mr. Daniel, he is so charismatic and entertaining. They actually remember the things that are talked about in the time spent with their Home ed friends.
PS. As a homeschool Mom it's a great couple of hours break from my older kids to enjoy their independence, and my younger ones to have Mommy all to themselves! it's brought some really great balance into our little family.

Tracy Woodford


This is, by far, my son's favourite homeschool activity. He loves the classes, loves the material and has a fantastic time every single month. As a parent, I've been astounded with the amount of information he has retained from each class. Daniel's rapport with the class is truly exceptional and it seems all of the kids are thrilled to be there.


My girls LOVE these classes!!! They learn so much at each class, and continue to talk about it throughout the month!

Carla Roesler


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