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Are you looking for new content like this every month? Our award-winning program is currently working through the world and history of science! 

The World Wars with History Plus

Limited time to gain access to our award-winning modules on the World Wars! 

If you were subscribed to the older program in the summer of 2023, you will see an overlap in some content. We have done our best to add lots of new features.

What you'll get:

  • Sixty days to complete our modules on WWI and WWII.
  • Over 30 video lessons on WWI and WWII in our signature teaching style.
  • Access to new content featuring Daniel's personal WWII collection of artifacts and memorabilia.
  • Fully downloadable worksheets, answer keys, companion booklets, and vetted external links for additional learning. 

This offer is recommended for students over 12 and is only available until November 30, 2023. You will have access for two months after purchase, regardless of your purchase date.


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